Heat Treatment Machines and Tooling:

STAKE SET complete on wheeled trolley almost like new!pictures £1500
LADELS various each picture £15
TONGS various each £10
FUME EXTRACTOR Model 426 DLX ideal for soldering etc. (each)picture £40
ANVIL 5 kilo new / each £24
ANVIL 1cwt + stand sold
LEG VICE + STAND blacksmiths leg vice rare now! sold
TINMANS HORSE / HOLDER for anvil as new picture £75
SWAGE BLOCK complete with stand 12" square + stand sold
HEARTH pedestal mounted £35
FLAMEFAST DS100 brazing hearths sold
FLAMEFAST DS120 combined brazing hearth / forge sold
FLAMEFAST CM500 crucible furnace / two nozzles - one each side natural gas pictures £345
FLAMEFAST aluminium casting crucible unit sold
KASENIT TYPE MINI crucible furnace / natural gas + blower sold
COPE and DRAGS picturewood £20 metal £40
Tinmans stake Creasing iron from £20
Tinmans stake Hatchet stake from £18
Tinmans stake Canister stake frompicture £28
Tinmans stakeHalf Moon stake frompicture £35
HOOD ideal for hearths etc. sold
GAS TORCHES natural gas various / each £20

All prices exclusive of Vat @ 20%.
Prices subject to change without notice
Deliveries arranged nationwide. Export facilities are available.

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