Marlco, duMONT keyway broach sets!

  Other Lathes:

CLARKE METALWORKER CL500M lathe 3 jaw, changewheels, tools sold
COWELLS 90 ME precision model engineers lathe, 45mm x 200mm with 120mm swing in gap, 6.5mm clearance in bore sold
DENFORD TURN 270 PRO CNC lathe, 3 jaw Burnerd chuck + external jaws, tooling, 240 volt control, 4000rpm, motor size 2HP, tool size 12mm x 12mm very nice condition; just add MACH 3 pictures £3950
EMCO SL miniature lathe very nice original condition! picture reserved
EMCO UNIMAT 3 miniature lathe loads of accessories included! sold
EMCO COMPACT 5 precision Austrian lathe, 3 jaw chuck sold
HOBBYMAT 2 1/2" x 12" , change wheels, 3 jaw chuck sold
LORCH KD50 precision instrument lathe sold
MITCHELL 10 1/2" x 72" lathe + gap bed; 36" swing x 15" depth, Elliot 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck etc. just came out of a large engineering firm back up for sale! pictures £3250
PROXXON lathe + collet chuck and tooling sold
RAGLAN 5" x 24",gearbox, 3 jaw chuck, cabinet stand sold
SIEG C4 4" x 20", screwcutting, changewheels, variable speed to 2000 rpm sold 
TORSHALLA 6 1/2" x 40", gearbox, 3 jaw chuck, stand part exchange pictures £1250
VICEROY EDUCATOR 5" x 24", changewheels 3 jaw chuck, cabinet stand £575
VICEROY GB 5" x 24", gearbox, 3 jaw chuck, cabinet stand sold

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Prices subject to change without notice
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